General Home Improvement

Every homeowner wants to improve their property.

Whether you'd like a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or even just some decorating and a set of shelves - there's always a "next thing" on the list of improvements you'd like to make to your home.

From fixing a tap to full building conversions - we do it all

DNA Builders can provide you with all of these services and more. No job is too small for our team, and we're always interested to talk to you about your requirements. We're a growing business and we're keen to please, so you'll only get the best service and attention from us.

We have the skills in place to handle just about any job, and because we've made a huge effort to have a scalable workforce, you won't be hanging around for our workmen to start.

Our customers like having us around

At DNA, our business philosophy has always been based around honesty, quality and communication, but we also place massive importance on taking time to consider our customers. Above and beyond simply completing each job, we try to make sure we keep mess and disruption to a minimum, and our team will always fit around our customers' lives.

The DNA team will fit around your needs wherever practical - we want you to be comfortable with us in your home. All of our customers comment on how easy and pleasant we are to have around, so if you're thinking about any home improvement, give DNA a call and get the friendly local service.