Wet Room - Thame

Wet Room - Thame

Wet rooms are an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional bathroom or toilet, and at DNA we've built quite a few in recent months.

This particular wet room was built as part of a double-storey extension and was finished to a very high standard with stylish tile design and striking red floor tray giving a modern and minimalist feel. The other half of this room included everything else you'd expect in a normal bathroom, and so made very good use of the space available and provided the best of both worlds for the customer.

Wet rooms are a great use of space and are especially useful for older people with restricted movement or those requiring disabled access. They can be fitted upstairs or downstairs, or anywhere where there's space, and if there is plumbing already in the room then installing a wet room can be very cost-effective.

If you think you might be interesting in putting a wet room into your home, call us and we'll be happy to give advice and provide a quote for work.

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